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SIGCoE Lessons Learned Section - Fort Gordon, Georgia


The Signal Center of Excellence (SIGCoE) Lessons Learned (LL) personnel are the Signal Soldier Point of Contact (POC) pertaining to unit Observations, Insights, Lessons (OILs), Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) and/or Best Business practices (BBPs).

• Collect, analyze, archive, and disseminate OILs, TTPs, BBPs based on doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership, personnel, facilities and policy (DOTMLPF-P) at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels to facilitate rapid adaptation initiatives and knowledge sharing to assist the Signal Regiment and the Army enabling operationally based decision making, integration, and innovation.

• Observe units training at the Combat Training Centers during and attend/participate at unit Umbrella weeks and Key Leader Interviews.

• Monitor a variety of forums to query specific OILs, TTPs, BBPs, or requests for information (RFIs).




SIGCoE Lessons Learned Website on LWN eUniversity


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